“. . . according to the Yoga Sutra (3.1), the term [Bandha] refers to the ‘binding’ of consciousness to a particular object or locus (desha), which is the very essence of concentration.”
Georg Feuerstein

Saturday, April 30, 2016

QuickQuiz #5 - How well do you know your hamstrings?


  1. Hi Ray - this is Jim and Kay Holley. Looking forward to attending a future workshop. We enjoy your posts. Any new books coming out? Remember you still owe me (Kay) a new book for answering a question correctly at Omega!!!

    1. Hi Kay and Jim-Good to hear from you and hope all is well for you guys. Can you contact Carol for your book (carol@bandhayoga.com) and we'll get it right to you. Apologies--thought that was taken care of! Best~Ray

  2. Wow! I always thought the sciatic nerve was behind the leg, not lateral to the hamstring. And now that I literally 'see' the nerve, I am aware of its 2nd chakra location. These quizzes are extremely helpful.